Terms and Conditions

The following definitions apply to these Terms.
Delivery Address means the address to which the Goods are to be delivered, as stated on your Order.
Delivery Agent means a third party delivery or shipping company engaged by Us to deliver Goods.
Delivery Fee means the applicable fee for the delivery of Goods.
Products mean the items offered for sale on the online platform
GST has the meaning given in A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 (Cth).
Services means the drop shipping service that allows you to purchase products directly from
Merchants through this platform

1. Parties
1.1 S-Tac Tactical and Outdoors Pty Ltd trading as S-Tac (‘S-Tac’) bearing ABN 57 641 773 131 and
its corporate affiliates: (i) operate a drop shipping platform with certain other online businesses
including but not limited to marketplaces, retail, wholesale, other drop shipping businesses and
individual private businesses (all collectively referred to as ‘Merchants’).
In this policy, we refer to S-Tac Tactical and Outdoors Pty Ltd trading as S-Tac and its corporate
affiliates as "S-Tac" or "we" or "us." We refer to end-users as "you".

2. Services
2.1 S-Tac operates drop shipping that allows you to purchase products directly from Merchants
through our platform. As part of purchasing products from Merchants, you hereby authorise us to
share information with the Merchants and their agents for any reason relating to your transaction
2.2 Although we are not a party to the contract formed between you and a Merchant when you make a
purchase, we may assist with payment processing, returns, refunds, and other customer services. S-
Tac does not guarantee (i) the existence, quality, safety, suitability, or legality of Merchant items or
item listings; (ii) the truth or accuracy of any item listing, description or other content provided by
Merchants; (iii) the truth or accuracy of ratings, reviews, or other User Submissions; or (iv) the
performance or conduct of Merchants or other third parties. Except if we clearly indicate otherwise, S-
Tac does not endorse any Merchant, store, item, or item listing. Please read labels, warnings and
directions provided with a purchased item before using it and consider doing your own research prior
to making a purchase.
2.3 You should make whatever investigation you feel necessary or appropriate before making a
purchase from any Merchant.
2.4 You hereby indemnify us from any damages, loss, harm caused to you whatsoever that may occur
as a result of your transactions and/or purchases made through S-Tac .com.au or our affiliate

platforms including any purchases and/or transactions that was between you and the Merchants
through our online platform.

3. User Requirements
3.1 In order to use the Services, you must be at least 16 years old or older (or the age of consent set by
applicable law) and be of legal age to form a binding contract (or if not, you've received your parent's
or guardian's permission to use the Services and your parent or guardian to agree to these Terms on
your behalf). Products for children's use may be sold by Merchants; however, these products are
intended for sale to adults. Certain products may be intended for individuals of certain ages or
"mature audiences" only. By ordering such items, you certify that you are old enough to view, use or
own such items in your country of jurisdiction. S-Tac has no liability to you for third party content
that you find to be offensive, indecent, or objectionable.
3.2 You are not permitted to use the Services if:
(a) You are not legally permitted to enter into a binding contract with the Merchants for any reason
3.3 You may be required to create an account, and select a password and user name. You promise to
provide us with honest, truthful, accurate, complete, and updated registration information about
yourself. Failure to provide correct information may be considered as fraud or intentional deception.
You may not select as your user name a name that you don't have the right to use, or another person's
name with the intent to impersonate that person. You may not transfer your account to anyone else
without our prior written permission.

4. Rules and Restrictions
4.1 You agree to use the Services for your own internal and personal use only, not on behalf of or for
the benefit of any third party, and only in a manner that complies with these Terms and Conditions,
and all laws that apply to you in your country of jurisdiction. If your use of the Services (including the
purchase of any items on the Services) is prohibited by any applicable laws, then you are not
permitted to use the Services. We are not responsible if you use the Services in a way that is contrary
to the law.
4.2 You will not share your account or password with any person, and you must protect the security of
your account and your password. You will notify S-Tac immediately of any unauthorized use of your
password or any other breach of the security of your account. You are responsible for any activity
associated with your account.
4.3 You must not create multiple accounts and you must not let other persons use your account.
4.4 Any sweepstakes, contests, raffles, surveys, games, or similar promotions (collectively,
"Promotions") made available through our Sites may be governed by rules that are separate from these
Terms of Use. If the rules for a Promotion conflict with these Terms of Use, the Promotion rules will
4.5 When accessing or using the Services, you agree to:
(a) Abide by all laws, rules, regulations, these Terms, and all S-Tac policies;

(b) Only purchase items you are legally able to purchase in your jurisdiction;
(c) Only use (or attempt to use) the Services through interfaces provided by S-Tac; and
(d) Comply with the instructions in any robots.txt file present on the Services.
4.6 When accessing or using the Services, you agree not to
a) Infringe or violate the intellectual property rights or any other rights of anyone else, including
b) Violate these Terms, S-Tac policies, or any law or regulation, including any applicable export
control laws;
c) Engage in an activity that is harmful, fraudulent, deceptive, threatening, harassing,
defamatory, obscene, or otherwise objectionable;
d) Circumvent any terms, policies or rules set forth on the Services including those relating to
any promotion, contest or program on the Services;
e) Collect personal data from users of the Services or use any such information found on the
f) Engage in an activity that jeopardizes the security of your account or anyone else's (such as
allowing someone else to log in to the Services as you);
g) Attempt, in any manner, to obtain the password, account, or other security information from
any other user;
h) Use a third party's credentials, conceal your true IP address, or otherwise impersonate or
misrepresent your identity, your affiliation with any person or entity;
i) Violate the security of any computer network, or crack any passwords or security encryption
j) Run Mail list, Listserv, any form of auto-responder or "spam" on the Services, or any
processes that run or are activated while you are not logged into the Services, or that
otherwise interfere with the proper working of the Services (including by placing an
unreasonable load on the Services' infrastructure);
k) Copy or store any significant portion of the Content;
l) Decompile, reverse engineer, or otherwise attempt to obtain the source code or underlying
ideas or information of or relating to the Services;
m) Attempt to buy any Prohibited Items;
n) Abuse any promotions, discounts or other benefits offered by S-Tac or Merchants, including
farming or harvesting of discounts or promotion codes; or
o) Attempt to do anything, or permit, encourage, assist, or allow any third party to do anything,
prohibited in this list of items, or attempt, permit, encourage, assist, or allow any other
violation of these Terms.
In addition to any other remedies available to us, including without limitation monetary and
nonmonetary damages, a violation of any of the foregoing is grounds for adjustment of
prices/amounts due; cancellation of one or more purchases; suspension or termination of your right to
access or use the Services.

5. Privacy
5.1 Our Privacy Policy provides information regarding how we collect, use, and disclose your
personal information. By installing our apps, creating an account, viewing items, making a purchase
or otherwise using the Services, you acknowledge that we will collect, use and disclose your personal
information as described in our Privacy Policy
5.2 Your purchases are fulfilled by Merchants. In order to fulfil your purchases, Merchants need
information about the purchaser, such as mailing address. Merchants may be located in your country

or region or elsewhere including internationally (overseas). You acknowledge that when you make a
purchase, S-Tac treats it as a request from you (in other words you are directly permitting S-Tac) to
share your information, including name, street address and phone number, with the relevant Merchant
to, for example, facilitate shipping and that such sharing may cause a transfer of personal data from
one region to another.
5.3 You acknowledge and agree that S-Tac may access, preserve and disclose your account or user
information (if such information exists) as described in our Privacy Policy, including without
limitation if required to do so by law or in a good faith belief that such access, preservation or
disclosure is reasonably necessary to:
(a) comply with legal process;
(b) enforce these Terms;
(c) respond to claims that any of your acts violate the rights of third parties;
(d) respond to your requests for customer service; or
(e) protect the rights, property or personal safety of S-Tac, its users and the public.

8. Ratings, Reviews and other User Feedback
8.1 Ratings and reviews and photos, videos or other content about items and stores ("Feedback")
generated by users on our Services are User Submissions that are not endorsed by S-Tac and do not
represent the views of S-Tac. S-Tac does not assume liability for Feedback or for any claims for
economic loss resulting from such ratings and reviews. Because we expect users to maintain a high
level of integrity with respect to ratings and reviews posted through the Services, you agree: (i) to
base any rating or review you post only on your first-hand experience with the applicable Merchant,
product, or service; (ii) you will not provide a rating or review for any Merchant, product, or service
with respect to which you have a competitive, ownership or other economic interest, employment
relationship or other affiliation; (iii) you will prominently indicate if your review was sponsored or
paid for in any way; and (iv) your review will comply with these Terms. We reserve the right to
exclude such Feedback for any reason or no reason, without notice to you. For example, we may
exclude Feedback if we determine, in our sole discretion, that any rating or review could diminish the
integrity of the ratings and reviews.
8.2 You agree that if you participate in a S-Tac community or group and get special access to features
or items or receive free items directly from S-Tac, and you want to post publicly about those free
items and your experiences with them, then you shall comply with the S-Tac Endorsement
Guidelines, including without limitation that you shall (a) write honestly about your actual experience
with the product; and (b) disclose all material information, such as (where applicable) that you
received the item for free.

9. Copyright and Licensing
9.1 The materials displayed or performed or available on or through the Services, including, but not
limited to, text, graphics, data, articles, photos, images, illustrations, User Submissions, Feedback (all
of the foregoing, the "Content") may be protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property laws.
You promise to abide by all copyright notices, trademark rules, information, and restrictions
contained in any Content you access through the Services, and you won't use, copy, reproduce,
modify, translate, publish, broadcast, transmit, distribute, perform, upload, display, license, sell or

otherwise exploit for any purpose any Content not owned by you: (i) without the prior consent of the
owner of that Content or (ii) in a way that violates someone else's rights (including S-Tac 's).
9.2 S-TAC and the logo are trademarks of S-Tac., which are from time to time registered in Australia
and in other countries. All rights reserved.
9.3 You understand that S-Tac owns or licenses the Services. You may not modify, publish, transmit,
participate in the transfer or sale of, reproduce, create derivative works based on, or otherwise exploit
any of the Services, except as expressly provided in this section 9.
9.4 Subject to your compliance with these Terms and applicable policies, rules or guidelines, and your
payment of any applicable fees, S-Tac or it’s content providers grant you a limited, non-exclusive,
non-transferable, non-sublicensable license to access and make personal and non-commercial use of
the Services. All rights not expressly granted to you in these Terms or any policies or guidelines are
reserved and retained by S-Tac or its licensors, suppliers, publishers, rightsholders, or other content
providers. The licenses granted by S-Tac terminate if you do not comply with these Terms or the
applicable policies, rules or guidelines.

10. Copyright
10.1 We respect others' intellectual property rights, and we reserve the right to delete or disable
Content alleged to be infringing and to terminate the accounts of repeat alleged infringers.

12. Changes to the Services
12.1 We're always trying to improve the Services, so they may change over time. We may suspend or
discontinue any part of the Services, or we may introduce new features or impose limits on certain
features or restrict access to parts or all of the Services. We'll try to give you notice when we make a
material change to the Services that would adversely affect you, but this isn't always practical.
Similarly, we reserve the right to remove any Content from the Services at any time, for any reason
(including, but not limited to, if someone alleges you contributed that Content in violation of these
Terms), in our sole discretion, and without notice.

13. Costs and Fees
13.1 It is currently free to access and browse the S-Tac platform and sites and other aspects of the
Services. However, you may choose to purchase items through the Services, and you alone will be
responsible for paying the purchase price of any items you buy, in addition to any import/export taxes
and shipping costs required at the nominated destination. S-Tac may limit or cancel quantities of
items purchased, and it reserves the right to refuse any order. In the event S-Tac needs to make a
change to an order, it will attempt to notify you by contacting the email address, billing address,
and/or phone number provided at the time the order was made. Prices are subject to change at any
time. Due to separate and applicable tax jurisdictions, your purchases may be subject to specific sales,
use, customs or value-added taxes, and the shipping time and associated cost may increase
13.2 S-Tac is not responsible in any way whatsoever for any taxes that you may be required to pay in
addition to the price you have paid for the products. You hereby indemnify S-Tac from any damage,
loss, delay, or anything whatsoever occurred as a result of the taxes required by the governing

13.3 S-Tac reserves the right to require payment of fees for certain or all Services, in addition to the
fees charged for the purchase of items. You shall pay all such fees, as described on the website or S-
Tac platform in connection with such Services selected by you. S-Tac reserves the right to change
prices and to institute new charges at any time, upon notice to you, which may be sent by email or
posted on the Services. Your use of the Services following such notification constitutes your
acceptance of any new or increased charges.

14. Price and payment
14.1. When you place an order, we will charge you and you agree to pay the Price and any applicable
Delivery Fee.
14.2. All Prices are in Australian Dollars and, if GST applies, they are inclusive of GST. Any fees and
charges (including Delivery Fees) imposed by these Terms also include GST where applicable.
14.3. We reserve the right to change or alter Prices without notice to you. If you have already
submitted an Order at a particular Price, We will supply your Goods at that Price.
14.4. Payment methods are specified on the Website.
14.5. Any payment for an Order must be cleared by S-Tac before Goods are dispatched. If your
payment cannot be processed, your Order will be rejected and you will be notified of this.
14.6. In paying or attempting to pay for Goods, you agree that you have not engaged in any fraudulent
conduct or contravened any Law.
14.7 The prices as stated only include GST where applicable, but do not include any other taxes
whatsoever. S-Tac is not liable for any taxes including but not limited to import tax, export tax, taxes
imposed by the governing authorities of any particular country.

15. Returns, Refunds, Exchanges and Related
15.1 We want you to be satisfied with your purchase on the Services. If you have a problem with an
order or purchase, please contact us as described in the Refund & Returns Policy. You agree that: (i)
S-Tac may, in accordance with its Refund & Returns Policy, issue a refund to resolve any problems
with your order, including the contents of an item listing or the item's delivery or condition; and (ii) if
you pursue S-Tac for any remedy, you must seek that remedy directly from the applicable Merchant.
If you accept a refund, your ability to seek another remedy from the applicable Merchant may be
15.2 Except as described in the Refund & Returns Policy, S-Tac cannot refund, reimburse, cover, or
otherwise be responsible for any fees, including without limitation those not paid to S-Tac , such as
customs, taxes as well as any return shipping costs you may incur in the refund process.

16. Rewards, Credits and S-Tac Cash
16.1 Your account may contain rewards, credits, or S-Tac Cash, or virtual currency in one of our other
S-Tac platform. These may be used for discounts on or pay for eligible purchases made on the
Services. Rewards, credits, or S-Tac Cash cannot be redeemed for cash, except in jurisdictions where
required by law. S-Tac Cash is issued and may be used as described in the S-Tac Cash & Gift Card
Policy. S-Tac Gift Cards are governed by the S-Tac Cash & Gift Card Policy.

17. Ending Our Relationship
17.1 You're free to stop using the Services at any time. Any unpaid amounts you owe S-Tac or
Merchants for items purchased will remain due. S-Tac is also free to terminate (or suspend access to)
your use of the Services or your account, for any reason in our discretion, including your breach of
these Terms. S-Tac has the sole right to decide whether you are in violation of any of the restrictions
set forth in these Terms. Even after your right to use the Services is terminated, these Terms will
remain enforceable against you and unpaid amounts you owe to S-Tac or Merchants for items
purchased will remain due.
17.2 Account termination may result in the destruction of any Content associated with your account,
so keep that in mind before you decide to terminate your account.
17.3 Provisions that, by their nature, should survive termination of these Terms shall survive
termination. By way of example, all of the following will survive termination: any obligation you
have to pay us or indemnify us, any limitations on our liability, any terms regarding ownership or
intellectual property rights, and terms regarding arbitration and class action waiver.

18. Applicable Laws
18.1 You expressly agree that any laws applicable to your transaction are the laws contained in the
state of New South Wales (NSW). You agree that any applicable jurisdiction is that of NSW in
18.2 Should any terms or conditions be found to be invalid, against the law, unconscionable or in any
way whatsoever defective, then only that term and/or condition shall be deemed as deleted so as to
keep the balance of the terms and conditions valid and in effect.

20. Warranty disclaimer.
This disclaimer section is an essential part of these terms.
20.1 Neither S-Tac nor its licensors or suppliers make any representations or warranties concerning
any content contained in or accessed through the services, and we will not be responsible or liable for
the accuracy, intellectual property compliance, legality, or decency of material contained in or
accessed through the services. We (and our licensors and suppliers) make no representations or
warranties regarding suggestions or recommendations of services or products offered or purchased
through the services.
20.2 to the fullest extent allowed by applicable law, the services, products offered and purchased on
the services, or other content are made available to you is on an "as-is" and "as available" basis,
without warranties of any kind. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, S-Tac expressly
disclaims all warranties, representations, and conditions of any kind, either express or implied,
including, without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose,
non-infringement, or that use of the services will be uninterrupted or error-free.
20.3 you acknowledge and agree that, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, you assume
full responsibility for your use of the services and that any information you send or receive during
your use of the services may not be secure and may be intercepted or otherwise accessed by
unauthorized parties. You agree that, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, S-Tac is not
responsible for any loss or damage to your property or data that results from any materials you access
or download from the services.

20.4 if you rely on any data or information obtained through the services, you do so at your own risk.
You are solely responsible for any damage or loss that results from your use of such data or

21. Limitation of liability
21.1 To the fullest extent allowed by applicable law, under no circumstances and under no legal
theory (including, without limitation, tort, contract, strict liability, or otherwise) shall S-Tac (or its
licensors or suppliers) be liable to you or to any other person for (a) any indirect, special, punitive,
incidental, or consequential damages of any kind, including damages for lost profits, loss of goodwill,
work stoppage, accuracy of results, or computer failure or malfunction arising out of or in any way
related to the services or (b) your use of the services including, without limitation, any inability to
access or use or the purchase and use of items offered for sale within the services, even if S-Tac , its
suppliers, or any other person has been advised of the possibility of damages.
21.2 this disclaimer applies, without limitation, to any damages or personal injury arising from any
failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defects, delay in operation or
transmission, computer viruses, file corruption, communication-line failure, network or system
outage, your loss of profits, any theft, destruction, unauthorized access to, alteration of, loss or use of,
any record or data, and any other tangible or intangible loss.
21.3 you specifically acknowledge and agree that S-Tac shall not be liable for any defamatory,
offensive, or illegal conduct of any merchant or user of the services.
21.4 the limitations of damages set forth above are essential terms between S-Tac and you.

22. Indemnity
22.1 To the fullest extent allowed by applicable law, you agree to indemnify and hold S-Tac , its
affiliates, officers, agents, employees, and partners harmless from and against any and all claims,
liabilities, damages (actual and consequential), losses and expenses (including LEGAL fees) arising
from or in any way related to any third party claims relating to (a) your use of the Services, including
without limitation, User Submissions or any actions taken by a third party using your account), (b)
your violation of these Terms, (c) your violation of any rights of another party, including without
limitation any copyright, property, or privacy right or any third party agreement; or (d) your violation
of any applicable laws, rules or regulations. In the event of such a claim, suit, or action ("Claim"), we
will attempt to provide notice of the Claim to the contact information we have for your account
(provided that failure to deliver such notice shall not eliminate or reduce your indemnification
obligations hereunder).
22.2 S-Tac reserves the right, at its own cost, to assume the exclusive defence and control of any
matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you, in which event you will fully cooperate with S-
Tac in asserting any available defences. This provision does not require you to indemnify S-Tac for
any unconscionable commercial practice by S-Tac or for S-Tac 's negligence, fraud, deception, false
promise, misrepresentation or concealment, suppression or omission of any material fact. You agree
that the provisions in this section will survive any termination of your account, these Terms or your
access to the Services, including the purchase of any items on the Services.
22.3 Notwithstanding the foregoing paragraph, you agree to release, indemnify, and hold S-Tac and
its affiliates, and its officers, agents, employees, and partners, harmless from and against any claims,

third-party claims, liabilities, damages, losses, and expenses, and anything else whatsoever, arising
out of or in any way connected with your dealings with S-Tac and/or the Merchants.

23. General
23.1 Electronic Communications
You agree to receive communications from S-Tac electronically, such as emails, texts, mobile push
notices, or notices and message on the Services, and to retain copies of these communications for your
records. You agree that all terms and conditions, agreements, notices, disclosures, and other
communications and documents that S-Tac provides to you electronically will have the same legal
effect that such communications or documents would have if they were set forth in "writing."
If you would like to be removed from the S-Tac marketing text list, you can follow the instructions
provided in those messages or reply STOP to any S-Tac SMS/text. If you have any questions, you
may reply HELP to S-Tac SMS/text alerts or contact customer care at contact@stactactical.com.au
23.2 Assignment
You may not assign, delegate or transfer these Terms or your rights or obligations hereunder, or your
Services account, in any way (by operation of law or otherwise) without S-Tac 's prior written
consent. We may transfer, assign, or delegate these Terms and our rights and obligations without
23.3 Force Majeure
S-Tac shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform resulting from causes outside its
reasonable control, including, but not limited to, acts of God, war, terrorism, riots, embargos, acts of
civil or military authorities, fire, floods, accidents, strikes or shortages of transportation facilities, fuel,
energy, labour or materials.
23.6 Statute of Limitations
The statute of limitations only applies to the applicable laws of NSW, Australia.
23.7 Notice
Where S-Tac requires that you provide an email address, you are responsible for providing S-Tac with
your most current email address. In the event that the last e-mail address you provided to S-Tac is not
valid, or for any reason is not capable of delivering to you any notices required/ permitted by these
Terms, S-Tac 's dispatch of the e-mail containing such notice will nonetheless constitute effective
notice. You may give notice to S-Tac at the following email address contact@stactactical.com.au.
Such notice shall be deemed given when received by S-Tac by way of registered mail only.
23.9 Consumer Complaints
All complaints must be sent to contact@stactactical.com.au
23.10 Entire Agreement
These Terms and Conditions and all policies posted through our Services set forth the entire
understanding and agreement between you and S-Tac, and supersede all prior understandings and
agreements of the parties. These Terms shall not be modified by any of (i) course of performance
between the parties; (ii) course of conduct or dealing between the parties; or (iii) applicable trade

23.11 Waiver
Our failure to respond to a breach by you or others does not waive our right to act with respect to
subsequent or similar breaches.
23.12 Language of the Terms
If we provide a translated version of these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, or any other terms
or policy, it is for informational purposes only. If the translated version means something different
from the English version, then the English meaning will be the one that applies.